UPDATE as of June 28th, 2016:  I have migrated our Cyprus posts to Traveling Seouls. Please check out our new blog for the latest posts about our expat move to Budapest, Hungary. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (contact information below).

I’ll be closing down this site in the next few weeks, so go ahead and bookmark our new site to check out all the details about Cyprus and beyond.

Thanks for reading!


Welcome to my first travel blog!  We are a Korean-American family living abroad for the next 10 months in Nicosia, Cyprus.

My goal over the next several months is to write about our experiences, such as the local cuisine, the Cypriot cultural experience, as well as our personal anecdotes about our family. There is “Prof” who is on sabbatical to write his first book, “Piano Man” who is experiencing life as a Kindergartner, “Linus” who holds his fleece blanket for dear life as he rides with me in the stroller or Ergo, everywhere I go.

We hope you enjoy reading the posts and keeping up with our family excursions around Cyprus and other overseas excursions.

Email address: travelingseouls@gmail.com

Instagram:  @travelingseouls

Facebook:  @travelingseouls

Pinterest:  @travelingseouls

Twitter:  @travelingseouls

the importance of a degree abroad

The Seoul of Cyprus has been recently recommended to be a featured blog on InterNations.

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