Repost: Expats Blog Essay Contest is Live!

Good afternoon!

I am so excited to share with you some wonderful news!

Right now, Expats Blog has opened the Top List Essay Contest for your reading pleasure. Since we’ve repatriated back to the States, I wanted to share a culmination of cultural lessons from both sides – my Korean-Americanness to my experiences in Cyprus. Thus, the title of my essay is:

“Top 10 Reasons Why Koreans + Americans + Cypriots =
A World of Cultural Fusion.”

The rules for the essay contest are pretty simple, leave a comment at the end of my essay on Expats Blog. The requirement is to enter at least 10 words in your comment. No, “great job” comments will be accepted. Additionally, first-time commenters will need to verify an email address, so please check your email inbox and spam folders.

So go ahead, click on the link above! Leave a comment, if you so wish, and check out some of the other top list essays from around the world.

As always, thanks for reading!

NOTE: I have new website: Traveling Seouls. You can say-up-to date with our adventures. Next up, Budapest, Hungary!


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