Transforming From The Seoul of Cyprus

About a month before we left for Cyprus, Prof and I discussed the idea of creating a blog to share about our living abroad experiences. Prof came up with the name The Seoul of Cyprus. It was a brilliant name; it conveyed everything about us – our heritage and the place where we would be living and exploring.

I thought no one would read it except for the occasional family member or friend popping in to say hi once every other month. But the strangest thing happened. Bloggers out in cyberspace hit the like button on one post and then another. I was completely freaked out. I couldn’t believe strangers wanted to read our blog.

This was the very reason why I created aliases for the family. I was too paranoid about the vast unknown better known as the Internet.

Over time, The Seoul of Cyprus became a process of learning how to network with my new audience and bridge stories to share with family and friends back home. It also became a place to learn about the world of blogging, and believe me, there was a huge learning curve.

The free WordPress site was very helpful to start out, but by the 7th and 8th month, free storage space was quickly running out. I had to delete photos from old posts to make space for photos on new posts. It was a huge disadvantage to delete photos when people were still searching and reading information on The Seoul of Cyprus. I had to make a sacrifice in order to do that, and hopefully, readers would still find the blog interesting enough to read.

Thus, I began asking friends and family about some of my ideas for a new blog name for when we return home. It was a huge ordeal to pick out just the right blog name, and eventually, Hometown Betty was the winner.

So there you have it, folks. My true first name identity revealed. It feels good to be out in the open. To read more about the other side of this transformation process into Hometown Betty, please click onto Hometown Betty for more information. And if you get a chance, please like the Hometown Betty Facebook page as well. I’d appreciate it very much!


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