Making My Move to the Big Times

Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you for reading, following, and commenting on The Seoul of Cyprus. It’s been an amazing adventure living abroad these past nine months. Prof and I cannot believe how fast our time has flown by over the course of the academic school year.

I wanted to inform you that I am running dangerously close to filling up my 100% capacity of free storage space on the blog. It’s been a huge dilemma for me because I have had to delete old photos from previous posts to make space for new photos, which isn’t helpful for new readers or old readers who would like to look back at certain posts.

Thus, I feel a bit forced to move forward with my plans to announce the title of the new blog sooner than anticipated. Tomorrow, rather than sharing photos and stories from our trip to Crete, I am going to postpone those posts to share a little information about the new blog. After the announcement of the new blog, you will see links to posts on the new blog – from our trip to Crete as well as final thoughts about living in Cyprus. I’ll do my best to copy or reblog text-only posts from the new blog to The Seoul of Cyprus. Hopefully, you’ll want to make the transition with me and follow me as a new reader as well!

Thanks again for being a huge supporter!




P.S. You’ll want to come back to read my post tomorrow because I make a big reveal… my true identity…stay tuned!


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