And Then There Was One

Almost all of the grantees in Prof’s program have left by now or working on last minute packing back to the States. We would be well on our way back home too if it weren’t for Piano Man’s school year, which ends about month later than in the States. We made the decision to stay a month longer (on our own accord) to give Piano Man the closure we knew he needed with his friends and academic life. He’s just that kind of kid.

A few weekends ago, everyone in the program gathered for one last hurrah before we split off back to our respective cities in the U.S.  It would be our last gathering at Plato’s Bar. We ate together, drank together, but most importantly laughed together at all the highs and lows of our experiences in Cyprus. After 5-9 months of getting to know the students and other faculty members, it felt like a “Cheers” tv moment when the gang at the bar said goodbye to one another to exit for the last time.

Yet we remain behind for another month, grateful for the chance to meet with our friends, absorbing more culture and beautiful cascading seawaters and archeological sites in and around Cyprus.

(One a side note, I have to apologize for not posting more photos on the blog lately as I am running dangerously close to filling up on free storage space. I have had to delete old photos to make space for new ones. I am reserving storage space for a few more posts with photos, such as our three day trip to Crete, as well as a few new and old sites we would like to visit in-country before the big move back. So stay tuned!)

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