Personal Reflection Series: Prejudice and Racism in Cyprus

This week’s series on prejudice and racism is particularly a tough issue to deal with because it is so personal – whether you are in Cyprus and anywhere else in the world.

Several months ago, I wanted to share my post on my perspectives of racism and prejudice in Cyprus.  However, I couldn’t hit the send button. It was too hard to discuss in one post. After all, the discrimination I experienced as a young Korean-American girl raised in the south of the U.S. is so deeply rooted in the way I think and process my encounters with people today.

Thus, after talking about it with some friends in Cyprus, I quickly learned that they have stories and reflections of their own to share. My friends have been kind enough to share their experiences and personal reflections on The Seoul of Cyprus.

Starting tomorrow, I will post the following pieces:

  1. My Personal Story
  2. South African’s Personal Reflection: Prejudice/Racism in Cyprus
  3. American Working Professional’s Reflection: Prejudice/Racism in Cyprus
  4. Academic’s Reflection: A Study of Migrant Worker’s Experience of Prejudice/Racism in Cyprus

Please come back each day to read these truly amazing expat women’s stories about what they have observed and encountered regarding prejudice and racism in Cyprus.


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