Hotel LEGOLAND Billund Review and Tips to Enjoy Your Time at LEGOLAND

Last week I shared about our three-day adventure at LEGOLAND Billund, detailing our experiences on each ride. Please check out Day One, Day Two, and Day Three for more information about LEGOLAND. Today’s post is more of a recap and hotel review. Enjoy!


Hotel Legoland Review

IMG_3564Because Billund’s airport is within a couple of miles of LEGOLAND, we opted to stay at the resort. We didn’t have to mess with paying for parking or rental fees on a car. Instead, our money went towards the exorbitantly priced buffet meals.

Check-in is promptly at 3 pm – no ifs, ands, or buts. You can store your luggage in the storeroom, which we did on our first day. Check-out is promptly at 11 am, which worked out for us since Linus took a final morning nap before the big final push through the third almost full day at Legoland.

IMG_3313When you walk to your hotel room corridor, you’ll see life-size LEGO characters. We were fortunate to see another LEGO favorite, Indiana Jones.  When you enter your room, each child received a small LEGO City packet, coloring book, and colored pencils. And in case you didn’t get a chance to buy any LEGOs at the LEGO Shop, each hotel room has a small bin of LEGOs for your child/children to play and create.

In the main lobby, there is plenty of fun stuff for kids to do, as if they would ever get bored at the hotel. There’s a playspace in the shape of a fire truck with its own LEGO building section, chalkboard drawing space, and LEGO City minivideo seating for up 6-10 people. A LEGO dragon mascot also greets each guest when they walk into the hotel lobby. The dragon surrounds a tree house, which children can walk up and down, playing and pretending their whole day away.

And just when you think you didn’t have enough opportunities to play with LEGOs, there are LEGO building stations scattered throughout the hotel.

IMG_3569 IMG_3467 IMG_3417 IMG_3651

The hotel offers prizes to all little guests who participate in the LEGO building contest every day of the week. There is also a scavenger hunt around the resort. Each morning the hotel picks out winners from the LEGO building contest or scavenger hunt who then take home a LEGO creationary game prize.

Overall Vacation Review of Legoland in Billund, Denmark

After writing about all the rides, food reviews, and hotel review of LEGOLAND, what else is there to share about LEGOLAND? Well, here are a few observations about our time there:

  1. Flatulence is expected. I cannot tell you how many times we smelled the silent noxious fumes from random people. In fact, one parent walking about 18 inches in front of me let out three loud sounding noises in my face. Plenty of people were around during the incident, but the parent didn’t have a care in the world.
  2. Crying is allowed. Come on, you know this is going to happen. You spend all this money to get in, make your kid(s) walk to as many rides as possible, and try to make the most of your day. Children, including ours, from time to time let their parents know when they have had enough. No one seemed alarm to see children cry; they knew it was part of the experience.
  3. Sundays are very busy.  One would think Saturday was busy, but Sunday was the busiest day during our three-day weekend here. I don’t know if it was because the locals come on a Sunday to relax, much like they would at a local park, or if it was due to a holiday that we didn’t know about. Just be aware of Sunday being very busy if you are making a weekend visit to LEGOLAND.
  4. Bring snacks and drinks while waiting in line. We thought going to LEGOLAND during off-season would mean the place would be pretty empty, but surprisingly, it was still a hopping place for May.  I can’t imagine what it is like during the summer. The longer lines, hotter weather, and more exhausted children could make or break a vacation. With all that said, the lines still were not bad for our little ones. They managed to wait with snacks on hand. You can also save more by bringing your own cooler of snacks and drinks into the resort.
  5. Buy season passes when visiting for three days or more.  If you are planning a three-day or more visit to LEGOLAND, then we highly recommend getting a season pass. It’s much more economical that way. Additionally, if you purchase your season pass online, you receive an additional discount when paying online. You can see all that you want to see in two day, but with two kids under the age of five, you’ll want to go at their pace and take it easy and enjoy your time.

Like I said in my Day One review of LEGOLAND, there were plenty of other rides for older kids such as fast-paced roller coaster rides – plenty to do for the whole family.

Without a doubt, this was our best family vacation to date. We’d like to think it makes up for the crazy whirlwind visit to Egypt last month that wasn’t all that kid-friendly.


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