Our Third and Final Day at LEGOLAND Billund Resort

If you’re catching this post now, please read about experiences from our first day and second day at LEGOLAND before reading on.


On our last full day at LEGOLAND, we made the most of it by visiting all the familiar rides: Temple Run, Falck Fire Brigade, and the LEGO Train Ride.

Atlantis by SEA LIFE


And then Piano Man noticed this exhibit, but there were no lines. It was a perplexing mystery as to why this wasn’t a popular place to visit. We entered into a room where we were given a quick tutorial about the sea exhibit.


LEGO did a fantastic job with designing a clean and clear view of varied sea life from small sharks to sea anemones to salt water fish. Interspersed around the exhibits and sea animals are scuba diving LEGO people. Press a button and you can see them blowing air bubbles underwater.

IMG_3610 IMG_3612 IMG_3616

Kids can go underneath some of the saltwater fish tanks and get a closer look to view these magnificent sea creatures. And just in case you missed a creature or two, you can get hands on experience touching a hermit crab or sea anemone.  This exhibit was a nice little surprise during our ride-filled morning.

IMG_3627 IMG_3631 IMG_3635 IMG_3643



The slow moving spindletop gives you a 360-degree view of LEGOLAND and neighboring areas, including the LEGO Factory.

IMG_3520 IMG_3519 IMG_3516

Timber Ride in Legoredo Town

This was Piano Man’s first roller coaster ride. I was a bit nervous for him since it was his first time, but he had a blast! He asked to go on it a second time and with no line, it was no problem. Poor Linus was always looking on and wanting to participate in whatever his big brother does.


Pirateboats Ride

We added one ride for Linus, since we went on so many of Piano Man’s requested rides. This last ride at LEGOLAND was another great treasure since the four of us could ride together as a family. From LEGO Pirates to gold LEGO designed treasures, there was plenty to see for everyone.

IMG_3546 IMG_3560

LEGO Shop, Go Figure Shop, Chima Shop, DUPLO Shop, and Legoland Outlet Shop

We made periodic visits to the LEGO Shop (the main gift shop at the resort), as well as the LEGO-specific shops as well. If you were looking for a one stop shop, then this LEGO Shop is for you.

IMG_3297 IMG_3489 IMG_3276 IMG_3300

The Go Figure Shop which features mainly minifigures is a nice break in Legorado Town.

The Chima Shop which features only Legends of Chima products houses a life size LEGO-made Laval and Cragger.

IMG_3206 IMG_3207 IMG_3200

While we didn’t visit the Duplo Shop, I am sure that this would be the place for Linus to enjoy hours of endless fun.

The LEGOLAND Outlet is worth a look because they sell discounted items at a reduced price.

So don’t think that you can purchase LEGO goodies at the front entrance of the resort only. LEGO cleverly displays all sorts of products around the entire resort and hotel in case you feel like picking up a LEGO gift for your little one or if your little one begs and pleads with you to buy one. All I have to say is smart marketing strategy, LEGO, smart marketing strategy.

Next week, I will finish up with our review of Hotel LEGOLAND and overall impressions of LEGOLAND Billund Resort along with fun travel tidbits about making the most of your experience at LEGOLAND Billund. Then I’ll finish up with the rest of our travel experiences in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Have a safe and wonderful weekend!


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