Our Review of the Original LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark – Day Two

Yesterday’s post was all about our first day at LEGOLAND Billund Resort. Check it out if you missed it before reading today’s post.


You would think after a flight from Larnaca to Amsterdam, a next day flight from Amsterdam to Billund, and a full day at LEGOLAND, our kids would be so exhausted and sleep in on our second day. Nope. 5:30 AM – Linus was up at the crack of dawn.

As we sat down to eat our early morning breakfast, what did we see? LEGO carnage from the previous night’s dinner guests. I guess what happens at LEGOLAND stays in LEGOLAND.

Falck Fire Brigade Ride

IMG_3166After breakfast, Prof stayed behind to work during Linus’ morning nap, while Piano Man and I took an early morning ride through an empty Temple Run ride.  We walked to another empty line at the Falck Fire Brigade.

You and your kid(s) wait at the starting line until the announcer rings the bell. You compete against other families to move the fire truck from one end to the other. Once you reach the end of the lane, you and your partner pump water and spray at the fire until the window closes to let you know you have put out the fire. You run back into the truck and pump your truck to where you started. We didn’t really finish the race, since I was nearly panting the whole way and Piano Man was trying with his skinny little arms to pump with me. I had to sit down afterwards and drink lots of water from all that exertion. Piano Man enjoyed it even though we were probably second to last place in the race.

IMG_3437 IMG_3172 IMG_3436

Piano Man fared better when he went with Prof later.

Legends of Chima 4D Movie

IMG_3443After Linus woke up fro his nap, we took a quick popcorn break (healthy snack, right?) and waiting in line for the Legends of Chima 4D movie. Now, if you don’t know anything about Legends of Chima, let me tell you that you will know everything there is about the land of Chima and all its mystical talking creatures at the end of this movie. Oh, by the way, if your kid wasn’t all that into Chima before, he will after this movie. And if your kid is anything like our kid, who already knows about Chima, he will absolutely tell you everything there is to know about Chima – never mind that we’re sitting right next to him during the entire movie.

Before the movie started, we tried to strike up a conversation with our older one asking whether he was excited to watch this movie. He put his index finger to his lips and said, “shh…it’s about to start.” Prof and I looked at each other surprised and laughed at the moment. He was sooo excited.

IMG_3448I was a bit worried that Linus was going to get antsy before, during, and after a 4D movie. (He’s been known to do that during a 4D showing of the human body at a science museum exhibit in the States.) Once the movie started, and he saw that the characters on screen practically came to life, he was still and much in awe of the entire movie experience, air, water, and foam effects and all.

IMG_3450We watched Legends of Chima two times, LEGO Racers once (a music only performance), and Clutch Powers once in Dutch. Even though we meant to watch LEGO Racers again, the kids didn’t seem to mind watching a Dutch-speaking movie. It was still a LEGO movie.

LEGO, you have done an excellent job marketing your product so much that our kids are hooked on Legends of Chima. Well done, LEGO, well done.

LEGO Train Ride, LEGO Safari Ride, LEGO Miniboats Ride

After a quick lunch at Legoredo Town with a corn dog and leftover pizza we saved in our hotel room from the previous night, we opted for a more relaxing time for Linus.

The LEGO Train ride offers a nice slow pace for the little ones to rest their feet (and ours) while seeing the resort’s rides and activities. Linus loved watching people and the fun they were all experiencing.

IMG_3473 IMG_3469     IMG_3474  IMG_3477

The LEGO Safari ride was a favorite for Linus and Piano Man. Piano Man was able to ride on his own as the ride pushed the vehicle through the safari filled with animals made completely from LEGOs, of course.  The kids can pretend to drive the car, so it is a slow and safe ride for young ones to feel a little independence.

IMG_3510 IMG_3512

We took a short afternoon rest at the hotel but went out again for more rides on the LEGO Train ride and LEGO Safari Ride.

IMG_3501We added a miniboats ride, which allowed two people per boat to ride through famously recognizable structures – Statue of Liberty, Acropolis in Athens, and more. Linus wasn’t paying much attention to that but more of the pretend driving, or at least what I thought was pretend driving. We kept bumping into the sides of the water canal because the wheel was really directing the boat. I probably figured that out after the fourth or fifth bump, but by then, the ride was done. However, I don’t think Linus minded much.

IMG_3505 IMG_3502 IMG_3495 IMG_3486

Dinner Buffet at Knight’s Table in Knight’s Kingdom

We ate another dinner buffet again at LEGOLAND. At least this place offered a salad buffet in addition to all the meats they have on hand. The kids ate enough to make it through dinner and to sleep well from a very busy, fun-filled day.

IMG_3528 IMG_3527 IMG_3522 IMG_3519

I think the kids enjoyed playing more than they did eating.

At the End of Second Our Day

IMG_3553IMG_3554This is how we ended our second day at LEGOLAND – Linus enjoying Prof pushing him around a tricycle, a first for our little guy, and Piano Man pretending to be a firefighter.

Whew! And I thought we did a lot on the first day. Come back tomorrow to see what we ended up doing on Day 3, our final day. You won’t want to miss it. We found a gem of a place to see at LEGOLAND Billund.


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