Our Amazing Family Vacation to the Original LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark – Day One

We took an early morning flight from Amsterdam to Billund for this special trip of a lifetime. I read mixed reviews about the original LEGOLAND and from some of the parents in Cyprus who have taken their children in the past. Thus, I had pretty mediocre expectations.

IMG_3181Once we dropped off our bags, we walked into the side entrance of the park. We were completely b-l-o-w-n away. From the millions of LEGO pieces designed in LEGOLAND Miniland to the LEGO clock tower and special 2013 LEGO Chima exhibit, the kids’ jaws dropped to the floor in utter complete exhilarating excitement.

We opted for season pass tickets because we planned three full days at LEGOLAND.  You’ll save more by getting a season pass rather than buying three full-day tickets, even with Linus being free. (Children under two get free admittance to the resort.)

There was so much to see, and Piano Man could hardly contain his words. “Let me tell you where are going to go first, Ummah.” “Appah, let me show where we are going first, okay?” It was so funny to see him repeat himself over and over until we finally began our walk through the resort.

In the next section, I wil try to lay out rides we rode as a family with young ones. If you are looking for LEGOLAND reviews of families with older children, I recommend this site.  However, I think you will find my review filled with lots of details so take notes to plan for your next family vacation at LEGOLAND Billund Resort.


We walked quite quickly through the expansive landscape of miniature LEGO cities, mostly of Denmark’s famous structures. However, we also drooled over the Star Wars scenes in Miniland. Prof particularly enjoyed the incredibly detailed Millennium Falcon. I know this because he used to share how he wished there were Star Wars LEGOs when he was kid. His dream was fulfilled when he took a picture with that magnificent LEGO creation.

IMG_3394 IMG_3110  IMG_3104 IMG_3106

(Photos above: Various sites of LEGOLAND Miniland filled with moving planes, trucks, windmills, and water features.)

IMG_3267 IMG_3259 IMG_3253 IMG_3403

(Photos above: LEGOLAND Miniland – Star Wars Collection.)

LEGOLAND Pirate Land’s Pirate Splash Battle Ride

We tried to remind Piano Man that we had three days to see everything that we could possibly see, but his feet were moving at lightning speed followed by a very tired Linus barely holding up. His eyes widened when he saw all the water rides, particularly Pirate Splash Battle. On this ride, you and your partner(s) will go against other LEGOLAND guests in a water fight! How fun is that?

IMG_3147 IMG_3134 IMG_3139 IMG_3140

When Piano Man and I went on this ride, one of the parents on the other side of the ride by the waiting line made direct eye contact with me. Using his two fingers, he gestured that he’s got his eyes on us, letting us know that we were gonna be toast.  I’d like to think we got him, but this parent and his daughter got us soaked from head to toes. I bet this ride is a lot more fun when it’s super hot in the summer.

Hotel LEGOLAND Adventure/Panorama Restaurant

Because we got season passes, Piano Man and Linus were able to eat for free at the lunch buffet in the hotel restaurant. The kids ate a few favorite deep fried foods, such as chicken nuggets and LEGO-shaped French fries, along with some fruit and veggies.

IMG_3233 IMG_3231 IMG_3225 IMG_3226

The back of the restaurant had a play area for the kids, which gave us some time to eat when the kids were done. At the end of the meal, we got one of the most astronomical bills we had ever seen. Perhaps it was because Denmark krone doesn’t easily translate in my head when doing currency conversions. A buffet for two adults, tap water, and two juice bottles were charged on the bill, and we said that would be the last time we ate at the restaurant for lunch or dinner.

IMG_3236 IMG_3242 IMG_3245IMG_3243 IMG_3229

The hotel offers free a breakfast buffet to hotel guests, so we participated in that, which thankfully we liked the buffet choices better at breakfast.

Temple Run at Adventure Land

IMG_3161With its Egyptian-themed design, Temple Run is for kids and adults who want to shoot laser beams at treasure and various other targets during the ride. Once you sit in the jeep, you and your partner ride through the scenes trying to shoot at small targets to pick up as many points as possible. I think Piano Man rode this with Prof at least two times the first day, and once with me on the second day. The number of times we rode Temple Run tells you how much fun it was for the whole family (minus Linus).

Italian Pizza and Pasta – A Review

IMG_3375Knowing that we were going to stay at the LEGOLAND Resort, we knew that we wouldn’t have access to eat light meals outside of the hotel or go into the town of Billund. We had to eat at certain times before the resort closed or else we would have to eat again at the buffet dinner at the hotel.

We tried their pizzas and pasta dishes at Italian Pizza and Pasta. On one of the LEGOLAND trip advisor reviews, someone said when you eat at the resort, you have to expect to eat greasy junk food while you are there, and the reviewer was spot on. After that heavy meal, we thought it was best to walk around more of Minland to see the rest of its amazing building structures and landscapes but also to lighten out stomachs.

DUPLO Playhouses

Playing on larger than life DUPLO designed play structures is perfect for little ones who want to let off some steam and have some freedom to play like kids should. A plethora of slides, pretend phones, ambulances, and other vehicles leaves plenty of space for lots of toddlers and preschoolers. Even Piano Man went down a pole from the second level to the ground, albeit ever so gently and slowly. He had so much fun that he did about 10 times before we had to call it quits.

IMG_3343 IMG_3333 IMG_3351 IMG_3352

This was just day one. Come back tomorrow to read and see for yourself all of the fun and adventure on our action-packed second day at LEGOLAND Billund Resort.


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