The Surprise Trip of Piano Man’s Lifetime

In 2011, Prof and I watched a season of “The Amazing Race” where contestants searched for and unscrambled a clue at the original LEGOLAND in Billund, Denmark. I joked that it would be nice to take Piano Man there someday, never thinking that it would ever become a reality.

IMG_3543 IMG_3545

(Photos above: This is the ride that contestants on “The Amazing Race” had to ride to unscramble their next clue.)

Then we found out Prof received a fellowship to research and write his monograph in Cyprus. Right at that moment, we knew that we wanted to take Piano Man and Linus to LEGOLAND as a special surprise.

A few days before our trip to Amsterdam, we played a quick word scramble game. Piano Man spelled out:


(Photo above: Linus trying his hand at spelling LEGOLAND… err… rather scrambling…)

Once he spelled L-E-G-O, well, let’s just say he became speechless.  Piano Man, we love you, and this special visit to LEGOLAND is for you and Linus.

(Come back tomorrow to read about our fantastic three-day experience at LEGOLAND Billund Resort.)


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