Linus’ Tot Language

Isn’t it cute when you hear your little one try to say new words. We have to write these special moments down, lest ye forget and forever be lost in our memory banks. Here are some precious moments from our kids:

Linus’s Language

Morning Coffee (Cyprus brand name for biscuits) = ah-fa-feesh

Finn McMissile = Fii-Fiin

I dropped (something) = Ah-bop

Water = Wa-woot

Thomas (the Tank Engine) = Neh-neh

Popcorn = po-poat

Apple (in Korean is “sah-gua”) = sah-sah

I am stuck = “ah-dduk”

Hello (in Greek is “Yassou”) = yah-soo (pretty spot on, no?)

I’m falling = “ah-fah”

(I want to) get out = “geh-ow”

Piano Man’s Language

Of course, no one child is like another, so without further adieu, here were some of Piano Man’s tot language words:

Milk (in Korean is “oo-you”) = oh-wah-yah

Watermelon (in Korean is “soo-bak”) = ah-bah-ki

Apple (in Korean is “sah-gua”) = gah-gah

Juice = “peesh”

Prof and I chuckle all the time comparing the boys’ tot language. We hope to remember these moments and share them with their children.


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