One of the Good Guys: A Lizard Loses Its Tail

UPDATE as of June 6, 2013: Well, wouldn’t you know, our wish came true. A third little lizard is now living with us. He’s being left alone and hopefully making the roaches’ lives miserable.


Last October, Piano Man read a book for school about a lizard losing its tail. In fact, I believe the book was titled, Lizard Loses Tail. Well, wouldn’t you know our apartment was graced with a little pink lizard. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the little guy scurry across the kitchen floor to hide under the washing machine. I didn’t really mind the little fella living under the washing machine, so long as he and I didn’t have to share the same kitchen floor space during the day.

IMG_8600The night of Piano Man’s Halloween party at school, we came home and found the little guy hanging out at the corner of the ceiling and wall by the front door. I screamed in utter terror! The kids were so confused, and I screamed at Prof to get that thing out! Our neighbors must have thought there was a domestic altercation going on.

IMG_8604The little fella lost its tail to escape the wrath of the newspaper roll.  After a little research on the Internet, we found out that they are good for the apartment. They eat roaches, which run around our kitchen at night, and other nasty bugs you don’t want inside your place of residence.

Thus, after reading about the benefits of having a pink lizard, we agreed that the next lizard gets to stay. No swatting allowed.

You wouldn’t believe it, but another little lizard graced us with its presence a couple of weeks ago. However, we didn’t know it was another pink lizard. Thinking it was another type of vermin, we sprayed between the crack of the washing machine and cabinet with bug spray. The little pink guy scurried out of the dark crack onto the kitchen floor to die a slow and painful death.

It was one thing to watch a roach get smashed or an ant get squashed, it was another to watch one of the good guys twitch and convulse to a heart stopping pulse right before your very eyes. It was so sad to watch. I wanted to wash the insecticide off and hope for the best, but the damage was done. It was permanent sleepsville for another pink lizard.

Maybe the third times a charm. Little pink lizard #3, please come make yourself at home, but make your presence known by showing your whole body, not just your tail.

2 thoughts on “One of the Good Guys: A Lizard Loses Its Tail

  1. Ew! I’ve never actually seen a lizard lose its tail! Did the tail squirm around? Was there blood? I think I would welcome lizards. Spiders on the other hand…not welcome!

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