Expatsblog.com Essay Contest

I recently entered an essay on Expatsblogs, and this week’s theme is on Education and International Schools. Here is an excerpt of my essay entitled, “Personal Reflection: Language Immersion Programs in the U.S. Vs. International Schools in Cyprus.”

“This year, Piano Man attended Kindergarten at an international school in Cyprus. In some sense, I was apprehensive about our little man’s experience in school. Would he make friends easily? Would he be able to handle a full day of school everyday (unlike his preschool’s two-hour a day program)? What if he encounters difficulty with another student in the classroom?”

Read the entire essay to find out how he’s been adjusting to life at an international school in Cyprus, and my personal perspective on his education at a language immersion program in the U.S. versus his international school education in Cyprus. By the way, it would really help, if you left a comment at the bottom of the link to my essay. Thanks for reading and supporting The Seoul of Cyprus blog!

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