Catering Review: Indo-Bite Catering

541478_199003500246580_1637595456_nI would like to share with you a new catering company in Nicosia, Cyprus – Indo-bite Catering. Andria is the amazing caterer, specializing in Indonesian cuisine, behind Indo-Bites Catering. She has a passion for cooking, and when you taste one bite of her food, you will immediately know how much love she puts into creating her dishes.

Our family has had the wonderful opportunity to sample her food, and we  will be ordering food from her in the near future.

Take a look at her menu, and prices for her dishes are very reasonable.

Telephone: 97 645 973

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Orthodox Easter Weekend

On a different note, this weekend is Orthodox Easter. For all our friends celebrating Easter on this side of the world, Happy Easter!

IMG_2471 IMG_2472 IMG_2852 IMG_2995

(Photos above: Yes, even on this side of the world, you can find Easter eggs and decorations related to the Easter Bunny in conjunction with the true meaning behind Easter.)


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