A Visit to Melios Pet Park

Months ago Piano Man visited Melios Pet Park with his buddies from school. He had so much fun that he asked to take the whole family to see it for ourselves. We went on a day when the weather really began to feel like summer.

Piano Man’s favorite animal at the pet zoo was the hyena. We looked high and low for the little guy.


Passing through a plethora of chicken breeds, white peacocks, goats, cattle, and even reindeer in some sad look rocky hill caged area, we finally found the one severely depressed-looking lonely hyena. I thought he would be size of a Labrador, but the hyena was probably larger than me! He ran to the back corner every time I tried to take a picture.

1. IMG_28112. IMG_2793

3. IMG_28264. IMG_2834

(Photos: 1. Chickens clucking away. 2. Flamingo relaxing. 3. Grey crowned crane looking a little close at the camera. 4. Reindeer in Cyprus.

The kids mostly enjoyed the playground area. It was nicely shaded and offered plenty of fun things to do: slides, swings, climbing apparatuses, and cement tunnel.

IMG_2803 IMG_2797IMG_2802 IMG_2823

(Photos above: Playground and Linus enjoying some clucking time with the chickens.)

The day was quickly getting hot, and their red flushed faces said they needed an ice cream break.

Our kids were extremely tired from the previous night’s activities, so there were plenty of bruises and scrapes to go around from tripping over rocks and uneven paved paths.

Still, we’re glad we went as a family with our friends. Just know that you need to watch for the signs to Melios Pet Park, so you don’t miss the turn. If you’re in Nicosia, it’s a nice morning or afternoon trip for the whole family.


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