Into the Old City on Cypriot/Orthodox Easter Break and Chillbox Frozen Yogurt Review

Piano Man is on a two-week break from school. Apparently, many schools close down for two weeks to celebrate Cypriot Easter Break. Needless to say, the kids get to enjoy staying up later and sleeping in more.

IMG_3272After dinner, a few nights ago, we drove into the Old City to walk around and try some frozen yogurt at a new frozen yogurt shop. To our surprise, because of the long holiday, Piraeus Bank paid for parking so that people can enjoy spending time in the city.

We strolled through the back streets of the Old City, which have such beauty and charm. The way people sit and relax, whether smoking a hookah or talking with friends, sometimes you feel like it takes you back to a very old period in Cyprus’ history.

As we walked on Ledra Street, we noticed several new frozen yogurt shops opened up in the wake of the new spring season. We took a chance and stopped into Chillbox.

Store Review: Chillbox

IMG_3275We walked into Chillbox, and it looked like all the other frozen yogurt shops: self-serve machines, toppings bar, and scale. The only difference is that you can plop your yogurt cup into a box to hold and carry your frozen yogurt.

It’s a cool concept, but a serious waste of paper – creating more waste, thus hurting our environment. And don’t get me started on the prices. It was much too overpriced for frozen yogurt. I get it. Chillbox needs to cover the costs of all the overhead materials, but passing it onto customers is not going to help them stay competitive in the frozen yogurt market.

IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3279 IMG_3280

Here are some other photos of frozen yogurt shops nearby on Ledra street:

IMG_3286 IMG_3284

With the way the economy is in Cyprus, I don’t think Chillbox will last too long. Piano Man, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind coming again. However, with our limited time on the island, we’ll probably try to make our way to other frozen yogurt shops before making the big trek home.

Conclusion: Don’t waste your money at Chillbox. Mother Earth will thank you for it. Oh, and the frozen yogurt is pretty mediocre. You can get natural (aka vanilla), chocolate, or strawberry just about anywhere.


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