A Labor of Love: Friar Laurence to Buddhist Monk Hairstyles

Today is Cyprus’ Labor Day. In honor of this holiday, I am going to share with you our story of the boys getting their first hair cuts – Piano Man in the States and Linus in Cyprus. Enjoy!


When Piano Man was very young, about three months old, he had the Donald Duck hair-flair look. It was quite cute, but I asked Prof to cut it for a more uniformed look. He got a uniformed look all right, a one of a kind Buddhist monk hairstyle. It was so cute, but perhaps a bit too young for an infant to get a haircut.

For Linus’ hair, I asked Prof to not give him a cut – to just wait and see what happens. We gave a couple of snippets in the back before we left for Cyprus, and then again while in Cyprus with Piano Man’s blunt kid school scissors.

IMG_2561 IMG_2676 IMG_2578 IMG_2644

IMG_3248However, Linus’ hair has a mind of its own. It grows and grows, and once it starts to inhibit his ability to see, that’s when we knew he needed his baby fine hair cut.  Prof used Piano Man’s scissors again, and cut about two inches off the front! I mean, huge chunks were falling everywhere. By the time Prof was done, he looked like a friar from one of Shakespeare’s plays.

IMG_3242 IMG_3244

As the weather is getting unusually hot (in the 90 degrees F) for April, the kids’ sweat glistened in their hair, and we knew they needed something with a little more oomph.  Piano Man’s haircut with the clippers went without a hitch.

Linus’ was a different story. It truly was a labor of love. The kind where there was lots of hair flying, plenty of screaming to spit hair strands out, and pure body convulsing and lunging to leave the arm’s of his mama. Prof must have cut off at least two to three inches of that beautiful hair.

IMG_3313(Photo above; Piano Man takes a photo of Linus’ hair. I like the Greek lettering in the backdrop. We’ll always remember Linus’ first real hair cut in Cyprus.)

IMG_3333Oh that soft fine hair. When Linus would sit still in my lap or in my arms, I would press my lips over his soft hair. Now that it is cut, in the words of Piano Man, its crunchiness is just not the same. Linus laughs and giggles now when I press my lips to his hair. The hair may not feel the same, but the smell and little boy are.

Prof loves the boys so much that he keeps on perfecting his cutting & styling at every home hair appointment.


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