Chrysaliniotissa Craft Center – Specialty Handmade Shops in the Old City

IMG_2572Inside the Old City is the Chrysaliniotissa Craft Center, several small workshops are located in one spot next to a vegan/vegetarian coffee shop – Inga’s Veggie Heaven located on 2 Dimonaktos Street, 1017 Nicosia, Cyprus. They serve plenty of sandwiches, baked goods, along with Cypriot coffee and other hot/cold beverages.

Several handmade shops are surrounded in a small square: a wood shop, ceramics shop, glass shop, and byzantine iconic art shop. We had the opportunity to walk in the wood shop and glass shop, which displayed beautiful handmade pieces.

IMG_2600 IMG_2599 IMG_2597 IMG_2575

(Photos above: coffee shop and exterior spaces of the small workshops shops in the old city.)


(Photo above: The sign says something to the effect of a teacher from the famous Pancyprian Gymnasium school used to live here.)

IMG_2581 IMG_2580 IMG_2579

(Photos above: Glass workshop. The artist made a glass piece of the crucifixion of Christ. He personally handed it as a gift from Cyprus to the former Pope Benedict XVI, and the glass piece is now housed as part the Pope’s permanent collection at the Vatican.)

IMG_2592 IMG_2590

(Photos above: Wood working shop. Beautiful handmade items.)

IMG_2593 IMG_2598

(Photos above: Cypriot coffee. Famous for its thickness and potency. Just don’t drink the sludge at the bottom. Also, this coffee is brewed the same in several countries. Each country likes to call this coffee by its own country specific name – Turkish coffee, Greek coffee, Egyptian coffee, Syrian coffee, Lebanese coffee, etc.)

If you are ever in the old city, this is a must see place. I am so glad our friends showed us the inner parts of the old city.


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