Celebrating International Day in Cyprus

On April 18th, we celebrated International Day of Monuments and Sites in Cyprus at Piano Man’s school, and then again at a friend’s international school, The American Academy.

Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia

IMG_2550In celebration of International Day of Monuments and Sites, middle school students at Piano Man’s school gave tours at the museum, sharing insights of Cyprus’ historical period during the period of British rule. The school encouraged elementary school students to come and attend the event, which gave us the opportunity to make another visit into the old city and see a restored historical building turned into a museum.

We brought Linus along, and he was more interested in playing and seeing the open glass floor during most of the tour. Linus’ favorite words were, “Ah-drop, ah-drop.” (I am going to drop/fall through the glass. See photo below.) It was such a precious moment.

The student tour guide asked, “So can anyone tell me what neo-classical means?” Prof chuckled a little on the inside because it’s a such a complex word for such young children. I have to admit it’s also a tough concept for me to comprehend.

1. IMG_25492. IMG_25423. IMG_2540

(Photos above: 1. Our tour guides. 2. Gift shop. 3. Beautifully restored staircase.)

IMG_2541 IMG_2538

(Photos above: 4. Pottery located upstairs. 5. More artifacts located upstairs in their collection.)

IMG_2529 IMG_2537

IMG_2531 IMG_3180

(Photos above: Courtyard built in a modern amphitheater look. Linus laying down to see if he can see below. Also a little afraid to walk across a glass floor.)

Restaurant Review: Tavalino Ristorante

IMG_2561Parents at Piano Man’s school invited us to lunch in the old city and then a visit to see a cousin who owns a wood working shop near Famagusta Gate after our tour at Leventis Museum.

We ate lunch at Tavalino Ristorante, which offered plenty of pizza, pasta, and salad choices. And on a nice sunny, cool day, we enjoyed our meal outside. From pizza to ravioli to penne pasta and salad, we ate until we were stuffed.

We made a stop by Gelatiamo, a gelato shop in the old city by the Ledras Observatory, and then headed deeper into the old city to the wood shop.

IMG_2562 IMG_2564

(If you would like to read the post on our visit to see some specialty handcrafted workshops in the old city, you can view the post tomorrow.)

American Academy International Day Celebration and Fundraiser

IMG_3198Some friends invited us to their child’s school to attend a dance performance and enjoy some fun at the American Academy. We arrived late, so we missed the performance.  However, by the time we did arrive, the school was jam packed with people for their annual International Day fundraiser. Apparently, it is the school’s largest fundraiser of the year.

IMG_3197Parents and friends volunteered various dishes and desserts at each table to represent their country’s ethnic cuisines. For a few euros, you can enjoy lots of amazing foods from around the world in one location. Students also volunteered as performers to entertain the crowds.

The school provided plenty of games, bouncy castles, playgrounds, and open space for kids to enjoy during the festivities. It was pure mayhem, but so much fun to see friends whom we haven’t seen in awhile and partake in some excellent food.


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