Preparing the Way for Teen Piano Man

It’s Friday night. The stars are out, and the cool breeze blowing through his dark brown spikey hair. He’s hanging out with his friends at a frozen yogurt shop talking about the latest gadget or new music. That’s what I imagine what our little Piano Man will be doing in 10 years.

On Friday, we attended a stage performance show for one of Piano Man’s friends. We watched her perform during the first act, but Linus desperately needed to go to bed. We left Piano Man in the care of our dear friends. I think this was the first time we left him with a friend in the evening.

The second act was only supposed to last another 20 minutes, so I anticipated Piano Man coming home around 7:30 pm.

Meanwhile at our apartment building, our noisiest neighbors upstairs had yet another fight – this time, doors slamming, all sorts of screaming and yelling from both parties involved. It sounded like a regular episode of “Jersey Shore,” Cyprus-style. The teen angst fighting continued on for at least another 30-45 minutes.

The disturbance upstairs died down, and our friend texted us that the performance was still going on after 8 pm. After the performance, our friends planned on taking Piano Man and his friend to Yoo Moo then home.

The moment I received our friend’s text, I had a flash forward to what life would be like for us in 10 years. It probably had more to do with Piano Man going out with some friends in the evening and less with the triple door slamming fight upstairs.

I asked Prof if we’d be the kind of parents who’d argue like the parents upstairs with their teenager, or if we would be more of the mellow kind. I’d like to think we would be more like the latter, but you never know what will happen from now until then.

For seasoned parents with teenagers, maybe you could shed on some light into the world of raising a teenager. I hear the ever popular phrase, “Enjoy them while they are young,” and that’s what we plan to do.

We love you, Piano Man, forever and always. Everyday you challenge us to be better parents, to show patience, and to see your thoughtful heart the way God made you.


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