Restaurant Review: Yoo Moo Frozen Yogurt Shop

IMG_3156After Piano Man’s final school assembly and dinner, we thought it would be fun to venture out to a frozen yogurt shop, Yoo Moo, in Engomi. Right next to Second Cup coffee shop, this tiny little yogurt shop has all the makings of a Pinkberry or Yogurtland in California with its self-serve yogurt station and variety of toppings, except for our favorite topping – mochi. (Mmmm….mochi….)

They let you sample numerous yogurt flavors. We chose chocolate and apple (in two separate cups, of course), which almost had the sour yogurt taste you would find at a Pinkberry.

IMG_3160 IMG_3159 IMG_3158 IMG_3161

When paying at check out, the staffer asked us how much we think our yogurt weighs. We had no idea and made a guess.  We were close but not close enough to get free yogurt. According to their website, if you guess the weight correctly, then you can get your yogurt cup for free! And who doesn’t love free!

Because it was our first visit to Yoo Moo, the staff gave us two plastic glasses of champagne. I have never tasted champagne at a yogurt shop, but hey, you gotta try it out if you’re in Cyprus, right?


IMG_3157While most adults are hanging out next door at Second Cup coffee shop (that place was packed at 6 pm – Cyprus’ version of happy hour but without the alcohol), Yoo Moo was filled with a handful of youngsters/tweens. It was a perfect place and time for us to enjoy some frozen yogurt.

If you get a chance, go to Yoo Moo and enjoy a clean environment, friendly staff, and some excellent frozen yogurt.

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