Piano Man’s Final School Assembly

IMG_3152Last Friday, our little man performed his last and final assembly performance as a kindergartner. His class shared about their ethnic backgrounds and a little geography on the side. Although Piano Man didn’t share anything about Korea, he did share information about Spanish-speaking countries in South America. I admit that he looked pretty cute in his little outfit with his floppy hat.

Piano Man asked me to dress up for his school assembly, which made me wonder if I should dress more appropriately, like a proper 30-something, rather than wear my ratty old college t-shirts and jeans. So without further adieu, I present before you my black riding boots that Aunty E helped me to purchase in Germany. The striped top, hidden in the photo, is from a local shop on Ledra Street called J’s Boutique, and it is located in the old city across from the entrance at the Ledras Observatory above Debenham’s.

IMG_3153 IMG_3154

(Photos above: Piano Man and me after assembly. Linus saw a photo opportunity and wanted in on the action.)

Of course, as soon as we got home, I changed from Super Fashionista Mom into Clark Kent Mom – ratty t-shirt and all.


2 thoughts on “Piano Man’s Final School Assembly

  1. You look so great Miss Fashionista! (you look too young to be a mom of two!) Your boys are just too adorable and Linus has change from a baby into a boy!!!! 🙂 Miss you guys- and hope that you’re doing well.

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