A Visit to the Cyprus Handicraft Centre

IMG_3042Last week, I made a visit to Cyprus Handicraft Centre in Nicosia. For months, I wanted to check out the handicraft center because I thought it was going to have an open market with Cypriots selling their handmade goods. Turns out it is a demonstration of how traditional folk art is made today. In collaboration with the Cyprus government and UN High Commission, the handicraft centre is a place for visitors to watch demonstrations of traditional Cypriot folk art – tapestry, woodwork, pottery, weaving – in one location.

I believe Linus and I were the only visitors of the morning, but it was early by Cypriot standards. The day was still young for more visitors to stop by.

IMG_3043 IMG_3056

(Photos above: Project statement of the Cyprus Handicraft Center and beautiful open courtyard area.)

IMG_3045 IMG_3047 IMG_3049

(Photos above: Embroidery workshop)

IMG_3058 IMG_3059

(Photos above: Weaving workshop. Using modern with traditional folk art – old t-shirts into beautiful rugs)

IMG_3071 IMG_3069 IMG_3068

(Photos above: Pottery workshop)

IMG_3078 IMG_3077 IMG_3079

(Photos above: Sewing workshop)

IMG_3087 IMG_3089 IMG_3090 IMG_3084 IMG_3083

(Photos above: Showroom of final products)

IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3096 IMG_3092

(Photos above: Items in the gift shop for purchase)

Stop by to watch traditional Cypriot folk art being made right before your eyes. It’s free and educational for the family.

There are several other handicraft centre locations around Cyprus:

Nicosia – 186 Athalassa Ave. – Tel: 22305024

Larnaca – 6 Cosma Lysioti – Tel: 24304327

Limassol – 25 Themidos – Tel: 25305118

Paphos – 64 Apostolos Pavlos Ave. – Tel: 26306243


One thought on “A Visit to the Cyprus Handicraft Centre

  1. Is there any workshops come up in the next few months? I am a tutor in Ireland and would be interested in a workshop in any of your crafts for 4-5 days. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    Tina Khan

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