Driving Made Easy

IMG_2990A few Thursdays ago, it was supposed to be a simple errand day:

–       go to UPS

–       mail off package

–       go to grocery store

–       home

I checked my route on Googlemaps and found that it takes 6 minutes to get to the nearest UPS store. Okay, no problem, right? Wrong! Oh, so very wrong. It turned out to be the worst 60+ minutes.

My first mistake was writing down only the street names for directions. If you read my post on driving, then you know how small and how difficult it is to find those pesky street signs while driving.

I can’t tell you how many times and how many different ways I got lost in the same exact spot! This meant I was close, but apparently, not close enough because I never found UPS.

After my 6th phone call to the lady at UPS and my third call to Prof, Prof told me to stop by work, and he’ll drive me to a DHL. He drove me there in less than one minute. I walked into DHL only to find out that DHL, nor UPS, ships packages to P.O. Boxes. I needed to go to a Cyprus post office the whole time. I drove by the large post office in Engomi at least three times, and I knew where the small one was near the apartment. (Sigh.)

I dropped Prof back at work, and then when one of the staffers at Prof’s workplace asked me how my morning was, I told her that it would be better if I knew where I was driving. She said, “I do that all the time in the States. You just have to laugh during those moments.” She was right, and then I did.

Lesson Learned: Just go to the post office. It’s so much easier that way.

2 thoughts on “Driving Made Easy

  1. if you send any thing by cyprus mail rap the hell out of it with packing tape the post office workers like to pay rugby with it before thay send it to the states and dont send anything fragile

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