Coffee-mate in Cyprus

Can I share one glorious moment during my recent shopping trip to Alphamega?


Bam! Look to the right in the photo above, and you will see a beautiful sight. Yes, I am talking about Coffee-mate! Back home, I added this non-dairy creamer to my morning coffee. Then I moved onto a Korean instant coffee mix called Maxim Coffee, which we ran out of a few months ago.

Don’t get me wrong. I got used to adding 3% fat milk to my morning coffee, but it just wasn’t the same.


(Photo above: Opening that beautiful package, and this is what I see. I can already smell the difference in my coffee.)

Had I not walked by the lady unpacking the non-dairy creamers, I would have missed out on this opportunity to enjoy some good ole’ fashioned instant fake stuff. Yummmm!

3 thoughts on “Coffee-mate in Cyprus

  1. Coffee is important!!! Seriously!!! We pay $10 (even thought it’s like $2-$3 in the US) for coffee mate creamer and it’s worth every penny! My husband just shakes his head at the price but this is in the “need” category.

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