The Coffee Culture in Cyprus

IMG_8688When I entered college as a freshman, I dreaded those 8 am classes. It was painful to sit in class so early in the morning and not be fully cognizant to take notes. One day on a bright sunny morning, I decided to buy my first cup of coffee. As a child, I watched my dad drink coffee black, so I assumed that was how you were supposed to drink coffee. I walked out of the union carrying my tall recycled paper cup full of coffee like a cool college freshman, sipped my first and last sip ending my coffee drinking days.

IMG_8799Occasionally, I drank specialty coffee drinks over the years, but it wasn’t until the day Piano Man was born that I became a coffee addict. I don’t know what it was but having that cup of coffee with cream and sugar first thing in the morning got me through my long parenting days, even through today.

Thus, need I say more that I like coffee? I can’t say that I’ll ever be able to drink black coffee, but I can say there is something aromatic about the smell of a good medium roasted coffee blend.

IMG_0791I am so glad that Cyprus is a coffee drinking culture. You can see coffee shops left and right on every corner. And it’s not Starbucks that reigns in Cyprus. You have a whole host of options from Starbucks, Second Cup, Gloria Jeans, Segafredo, and many more. Coffee is a serious business here as there are play areas for little ones. If only more coffee shops in the U.S. had play areas for families with young children, I would be there all the time.

Contrast that to Egypt’s tea drinking culture, and I can tell you that I was not a happy camper without my morning cup of joe during our tour of Cairo. I went without coffee for four days, and it was brutal for me as well as the kids and hubby. As difficult as it was to skip out on my morning cup, it gives me hope that maybe I can become a coffee free person again someday.

But not today. Cyprus’ plethora of coffee shop choices makes it tough for me to leave my coffee drinking days at home.

I’m signing off early this weekend, and next week I’ll share stories and photos from our trip to Egypt last weekend. Stay warm or cool wherever you are in the world. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “The Coffee Culture in Cyprus

  1. I don’t normally like tea but I loved drinking it when we visited Turkey. The tea culture is also huge there. Everyday we would see men, young and old, hanging out in the cafes drinking tea, smoking hookah, and playing backgammon. The tea was most often served in these dainty tulip-shaped glasses and somehow that made it taste even better. At home though, nothing beats a good cup o’ Joe in the morning!

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