Going Viral in Cyprus

Before we left, our kids had their annual check up with their pediatrician. At the end of the appointment, she mentioned to us that we should come back with a stronger immune system after living abroad. I hope she’s right. We have been living abroad for over seven months now, and I feel like we have contracted every single known virus in Cyprus.

Honestly, who knew that we would be this sick for so long? If it wasn’t one kid with stomach flu, then it was another with a cold. Then switch – Piano Man had Linus’ stomach flu and Linus has Piano Man’s congested cough. And don’t forget the parents catching some version of a cold or flu.

We have been out of commission for many days at time, and it can be down right painful. Thankfully, I have found a local pharmacy that I like. I know I am overpaying at times, but at this point in our living abroad journey, I can’t think about ways to save money. Our family’s health is first priority.

You can see in the photo below, the growing number of over-the-counter medications in our little pantry.


If you are moving to Cyprus, may I suggest you find a local pharmacy you can trust? Build a relationship. Having walked into the same pharmacy for over a month has certainly helped me to build a good relationship with the pharmacist (aka chemist).

Here’s another interesting to note, when you enter a pharmacy, you have to ask the pharmacist for over-the-counter medication as well as prescription medication. I am not sure why, but that’s the way they do things here. Maybe it is to save on store space, or maybe it’s for legal reasons. But for a mom who likes to do comparison shopping, it makes it tough.

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