Graffiti in Cyprus

If you read the post on the Walking Tour of the Old City, then you know there is plenty of graffiti to see in Cyprus. The first time I really took notice of the graffiti was when we were without a car. We tried to get from Athalassa Park to the General Hospital to catch a cab. The four of us walked through a lower level empty street down through a corridor that was filled with colorful graffiti about 20 feet high. I said right then and there that we are going to need a car. It looked too dangerous to be walking at dusk with our kids like that. Turns out that the graffiti was not gang-related but football (soccer) fans supporting their favorite teams. However, there’s graffiti about over Cyprus addressing issues of racial prejudice, as well as frustration over the current economic situation (of which I have not had the opportunity photograph…yet).

IMG_1831 IMG_1759

(Photos above: Walking tour of the old city)

IMG_1748 IMG_1747  IMG_1746

(Photo above: Graffiti lining the walls to the Rota Children’s Museum.)


(Photo above: Graffiti at Acropolis Park)

IMG_9062 IMG_9061 IMG_9060 IMG_9059

(Photos: A local park in Nicosia. This day we noticed many immigrant communities playing music and singing together, a few children at the playground, and people relaxing near the kiosk.)

IMG_7755 IMG_7753

(Photos above: Graffiti on our drive in Limassol.)

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