American Restaurant Reviews: KFC, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks in Cyprus

Are you looking for American fast food and coffee chain stores in Cyprus? Well, then look no further, this post is for you.

Burger King

Burger King once existed in Cyprus, but they have all closed down due to poor management and a rumor of a customer(s) receiving food poisoning. You’ll have to go to mainland Europe to eat at a Burger King.

IMG_2446 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Every once in awhile, we crave something American to eat, but the only things here are fast food/quick eat joints. We tried KFC a couple of times, and overall, it isn’t too bad. The portions are smaller, so if you are into the side dishes, you should order more. They also usually provide french fries over mashed potatoes, although you can still order mashed potatoes if you like. The only difference the biscuit. It’s nothing like the biscuit you would find in the States.

IMG_8901 McDonald’s

Now let me tell you that we don’t go to McDonalds in the States very often, but when you are thousands of miles away from home, seeing those golden arches is like angels singing in a chorus as you walk toward McD’s.

However, you’ll quickly notice the difference when you have to pay for each ketchup packet and chicken nugget sauce with your order. The food tastes remarkably the same, but after going there for so many weeks, we have quickly grown tired of it.

While we still go to McDonald’s for our kids, we’ll definitely be cutting back on our McD’s intake when we get back.

IMG_2445 Papa John’s

When we first moved to Cyprus, one of the first things we noticed during our taxi rides was a Papa Johns. I distinctly remember that moment because we were scrambling to find a pen to write down the phone number as the taxi passed by the place.

We are huge fans of Papa Johns, so it was a no brainer to try out their pizzas. We usually order two pizza pies because the combo deals are pretty good, and you can freeze leftovers for a later date.


It all tastes pretty much the same, and they give you garlic sauce and hot peppers. Two thumbs up, Papa Johns in Cyprus. Way to go on recreating the same flavors and smells of your pizzas world-wide.

Pizza Hut

I am not usually a fan of Pizza Hut in the States, but Pizza Hut is another American pizza place in Cyprus. However, we thought it was only fair to try it once, and the only thing I have to say is NEVER order from Pizza Hut, unless you like overcooked and dry pizza.

Nuff’ said.

IMG_2467 Starbucks

Starbucks was a lifesaver for us when we first moved to Cyprus. We would trek our way to the large Starbucks and check our email to let all of our friends and family know that we made it safely to Cyprus during those first few days.

The coffee drinks and muffins were also a familiar taste that brought a little bit of home to Cyprus.

Although we have ceased going to Starbucks for coffee, it’s a major hot spot at all three locations: Lidra Street, Mall of Cyprus, and Griva Digeni.

If there are other American restaurants I am missing from this list, please feel free to add to the comments section below. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “American Restaurant Reviews: KFC, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks in Cyprus

  1. you travel 10,000 miles around the world to eat junk food i don’t believe it you need to go the the Arab Syrian friendship club now that is some real food the best meza on the island.

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