A Pirate’s Birthday Party Celebration

You’d think with the current situation in Cyprus, there would be no reason to celebrate, but our friends still held a birthday party for their beautiful little girl last Saturday. Even the massive dust storms and rainstorms the night before in Cyprus (perhaps residual weather effects from the dust storms in Israel) could not stop the clear blue skies from peering out in the sunshine on O’s birthday party.

IMG_2004I had the privilege of helping out with the games. The kids enjoyed a scavenger hunt and relay races. Although I didn’t know all the kids at the party, I am pretty sure there were a few local kids who joined in the fun too. (The parents are such great and giving hosts, they let all the children at the park participate in the games.)

And let me just say that the scavenger hunt was a blast! O’s dad and I hid several clues, which I thought the kids would want to find in order, but they found all the clues in different order. Oh, it was so cute to see a row of kids following one another to look for clues. Just too cute.

IMG_1990 IMG_1987

(Photos above: Up close photos of clues hidden around Agios Dimitrios Park.)

IMG_1991 IMG_1988

(Photos above: A paned-out view of where the clues were hidden.)


The kids enjoyed a balloon sword, binocular/telescope, and gold coin candy loot.

IMG_1995 IMG_1994

(Photos above: Piano Man and Linus really enjoying these pirate balloon swords.)

The food also had excellent pirate-themed foods: octopus hot dogs, sailboat sandwiches, Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday cake. O’s mom is an extraordinary chef and caterer. If anyone needs an excellent caterer, she is the one person I would go to first in Cyprus.

IMG_1985 IMG_1986

(Photos above: Pirate goody bags and amazing catered food all from O’s mom.)

I’d say this is one of the best pirate-themed parties I have ever been to! Happy birthday to our little friend, O!

IMG_2037 IMG_2030

(Photo: Linus, too young to participate, but was happy to be out in the beautiful sunshine with the other kids.)

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