Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags” Webisode on Cyprus

Have you ever watched an episode of “Big Bang Theory” on CBS? We’ve heard good reviews about this show, and got hooked after one syndicated rerun on TBS a year ago. This show is hilarious because 1) I am married to a big thick framed glasses wearing prof. (Coincidentally, when Prof is not in the classroom, he wears a hoodie under his cargo-style jacket much like Leonard Hofstadter on the show.) 2) The writers of the show write hilarious jokes about those in the social sciences, aka soft sciences folks, like us.

Anyway, Dr. Sheldon Cooper occasionally hosts a “Fun with Flags” webisode on the show. (CBS, if you are reading this, you should have Dr. Cooper do a segment on Cyprus. That would be fun to watch!)

March 25th marks another holiday in Cyprus – Greek Independence Day. With Green Monday last Monday, Greek Independence Day today, and EOKA Day next Monday, it really feels like Cyprus likes to celebrate on Mondays.

IMG_2008(Photo: Greek flag waved on the night Anastasiades won the presidential election in February 2013.)


(Photo: Greek flag and Cypriot flag in front of the Archbishop’s Palace. A tour guide mentioned that there is a law that allows municipal/government buildings to have both flags waved.)


(Photo: You can’t really see in the photo, but these are alternating Greek and Cypriot flag decorations to celebrate Greek Independence Day. Taken on March 24, 2013.)

If you take a look at these photos, you get a strong sense of Greek national pride in Cyprus. Previously, I mentioned that a Turkish-Cypriot designed the current flag of Cyprus, which may explain why some Greek-Cypriots typically do not wave their country’s flag.

I don’t know how Cypriots would feel about this, but rather than have an outside entity, such as the UN design a new flag, perhaps Cyprus should find a Turkish-Cypriot and a Greek-Cypriot who could work together and come up with a new flag design. Then maybe Cyprus could move forward towards reconciliation.

On a side note about the EU bailout plan for Cyprus: the president of Cyprus, foreign minister, and EU reached an agreement, but it was not met with happy faces. Cyprus held a parade to celebrate Greek Independence Day; however, if you watch the CNN report, the faces of those in the parade did not look festive or happy. We’ll have to see how things go tomorrow when most of the banks open up for business.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s “Fun with Flags” Webisode on Cyprus

  1. Oh no, in my opinion, the cause about Greek-Cypriots preferring the Greek flag is much simpler (and much sadder actually). Just consider for how many years they could not use the Greek flag (officially) and now they can. That’s it! Sometimes the answer is much simpler than what we may think 🙂 They are Greeks! It’s sad because mainland Greek politicians have been very unkind to Cyprus and never gave Cypriots their chance to unite with Greece when they could. I’m doing my best not to talk politics here but I’m Greek and I feel angry about how we let them down. Also, don’t forget, the official flag symbolizes a united Cyprus and that’s any Cypriot’s (and Greek’s and peaceful person’s) wish. And that united island includes anybody who has the right to live there (that includes the legitimate Turkish community, emphasis on the legitimate).

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