People Still Pulling Money Out of ATMs in Cyprus

If you have been reading up on what’s going on in Cyprus, the banks are still closed, but ATMs are still spewing out bills if you can wait patiently in long lines. Sometimes it is like watching people wait in line to buy the next Apple iphone. The only exception is that the people in Cyprus aren’t waiting for the next big thing, they are hoping to avoid it: a depleted bank account.

IMG_1969Well, I made my way with Linus in tow to take a look for myself.  I photographed this shot like the ones you see in the news.

You’d think the lines would go fast, but no, it’s slow and painful to watch because you know that everyone has the same thing on their minds.

Cyprus is going to have another three-day weekend, celebrating Greek Independence Day on March 25th.  Since last Monday’s holiday, Green Monday, I have noticed people looking a little more worried, sad, and stressed.

The woman at the local bakery usually greets us with a nice hello in Greek, but not this week. Her face looked more downcast, and I wonder if people aren’t buying the desserts/baked goods like they usually do in this period of uncertainty. I can only imagine small business owners at hair salons, clothing boutiques, flower shops, and other small businesses are also feeling the emptiness in their stores and in their cash registers. Maybe everyone is only buying the necessities to get through the week.

Even Piano Man’s classmates had to downgrade their birthday party that had been planned for this weekend. The parents canceled the party all together in the uncertainty of the bailout, but then changed to have the party at a local picnic instead.

Who knows what will happen come Tuesday morning, but one thing is for sure: everyone is holding onto his or her purses/wallets a little closer.

3 thoughts on “People Still Pulling Money Out of ATMs in Cyprus

  1. thanks for your update here. I wasn’t sure pressing the “Like” button was an appropriate thing to say in the circumstances you’re experiencing, but I was pleased to be able to read from you what is happening. I think the whole world is praying for you all.

  2. This global financial crisis is unnerving. I can’t blame Cypriots for being upset at the thought of having their bank accounts levied. If Cyprus pulls out of the E.U. I can totally see a domino effect. Hoping for the best in these uncertain times!

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