Bringing Back My Joy

When we moved to Cyprus, I knew that I would be leaving behind my arsenal of crafting supplies, which meant no handmade cards or any other craft projects for 10 months. What I didn’t know was how much I would miss my hobby.

I have dabbled in a few art mediums: painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, home decorating, but nothing brings me more joy than the art of paper. Paper is something I have worked with since I was young. Like any child, you cut paper for fun, much like the way I watch Piano Man enjoy the art of paper crafts.

My earliest memory of making paper crafts was when I was five or six years old. On those long Saturdays at my parent’s pet store, I had to occupy my time for an entire workday. (There was no iPad or Internet or Nintendo DS.)  One Saturday, I ended up making an Apple IIe computer monitor and keyboard from 3×5 index cards.

I thought I could keep my hand from making things, but that didn’t last long. I made at least 400 bats for Piano Man’s Halloween Party at school, a happy birthday sign for Piano Man and his classmate, and several larger than life cut outs of a Christmas tree and heart for all of Piano Man’s art work.

When friends from church asked if I could help with decorations for their child’s birthday party, I willingly volunteered to help make some.

I tell you that I find something stirring within me when I make something out of paper. The colored cardstock paper is my blank canvas or lump of clay.  Even though paper is largely used in 2D form, it can be created to make something beautiful in 3D, such as my silly little computer monitor and keyboard.

The birthday is right around the corner, and I have almost got the telescopes, and special birthday girl pirate sword (for any birthday guest who dares to walk the plank, argh, matey!), and personalized Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates-themed party streamers.


(Left: Sailing the Seven Seas Telescopes and a One of a Kind Jake and the Neverland Pirate Sword; Right: Jake and the Neverland Pirate Party-Themed Birthday Streamers)

Living without my arsenal of crafting supplies, you would think that I would miss them, but I have learned to live with less. Scissors, tape, glue stick, stapler, needle, and pen have worked out just fine. The edges may not be perfectly crisp and sharp, but they are made with my hand with love and care for the person or person(s) who will receive them.

IMG_2262 IMG_1939

Maybe crafting is not so much about the final product itself but the heart that goes behind each cut and paste.  After all, it’s the joy on other people’s faces when they see something heart-felt made just for them that brings me joy.

(Note: I also created a scavenger hunt related to a pirate-theme. If you are looking for blogs/sites I used related to a pirate theme, let me know.)


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