Aglanztia Carnival Parade

IMG_2195In Nicosia last weekend, there was a carnival parade in celebration of Carnival, a festival season which occurs before Lent. It’s a pretty big deal here, especially in Limassol, but it’s much too crowded, so we attended this event in our town.

We got there a little late, but we were able to do a little Cyprus-style parking and make our way to the start of the parade line.

They had all sorts of interesting groups walk by:

IMG_2161 Opa Disco Style (Yes, they love Oppa Gangnam Style here.)

IMG_2187Papa smurf

IMG_2169 Native American Indians (Someone, please tell me the new politically correct way to identify this group?)

IMG_2205 IMG_2188 IMG_2185IMG_2210

The kids had confetti thrown on them, and I think they liked it. So we’ll call this little carnival parade a success. If you are here in Cyprus right now, you’ll know the best place is in Limassol, where I hear it can get crowded.

IMG_2215 IMG_2216

We thought they might offer places to eat and drink and have kid craft tables, like you might find in the States and maybe other parts of the world, but we didn’t see any of that, so we left for home. It was a nice low-key, family-friendly event to take your kids to on a Sunday afternoon.


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