Learning to Text Like a Teenager

I know I am sometimes an antiquated person when it comes to technology. For example, I never send text messages in America. I think I did once or twice for Prof as he was driving on the road, but he dictated what was to be typed into the text message, so technically it wasn’t my text message.

Anyway, it’s a different story in Cyprus. We got the cheapest top up mobile phones available when we moved.  I didn’t bother to set up a voicemail box for missed calls, but I came to find out that it doesn’t even offer voicemail. In fact, no one I know here has/uses voicemail on their phones. If you don’t hear someone on the other line, you usually leave a text message afterwards or call at another time.

I began to clean up my text message inbox the other day, and what’d you know? I received or sent over 160 texts in six months!

The funny thing is I write text messages like I do emails – long and detailed. What should take only seconds, takes minutes. And when it comes to text messaging, that’s like days or months in email world.

Goodness, it just goes to show you how old school I am. However, I have slowly begun to text abbreviated words, such as:

u = you

2 = to

tmr = tomorrow

c = see

But I only know of these text message abbreviations because of the text messages I have seen on tv crime shows. How sad is that?

The question is will I adopt text messaging back into my life back in the States? Short answer: I don’t know. I find that text messaging feels so distant and cold. Plus, the fact that it takes me minutes to write and send a text makes me think that calling the person is so much easier, no? Don’t people like to talk to another human being?

Am I missing something about texting? Please let this ancient dinosaur know how texting is going to better my life.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Text Like a Teenager

  1. Aha, since I learned to text I’ve been unstoppable! Great way to keep in touch when family live in another part of the country.

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