How Not to Bake from a Box

IMG_2131Prof had left for a conference last week, and so I thought I would make some semi-homemade brownies and pancakes from Betty Crocker. It’s supposed to be easy and simple, right?

Let me caveat right here that I have not slept well since we moved to Cyprus, and with Linus’ 4 AM wake ups/night terrors, it’s not always a picnic in the park in our household.

Well, Linus decided to wake up again at 6 AM (after the 4 AM wake up) and make the most of his morning, pitter-pattering his way through each room.  I took it as a hint and got myself out of bed.

IMG_2140I decided that morning to make the boys some pancakes. I read the instructions starting from “1 egg, 150 ml of milk, and 45 ml of water,” and I assumed that it included the entire package. I poured all of the mix into the bowl.  As I started to mix the batter, it wasn’t even mixing. “What was going on?” So I checked the box again, and then it said to pour in 1/5th of the package.  I said, “Great. I guess we’ll have a bunch of pancakes.”

By the time I finished, I probably made about 30 pancakes/crepes.


You’d think the mix up would end there, but no, I did it again in the afternoon when I made brownies for a dinner gathering. I mixed up the proportions again. (Sigh.) I added water and hoped people didn’t mind super oily brownies. Surprisingly, they turned out okay.

IMG_2138 IMG_2139

(Note: The recipe calls for 1 medium free range egg, not just any old egg. Lucky for me, I had some lying around.)

Moral of the story: Get plenty of restful sleep. And read the instructions from beginning to the end. Otherwise, you’ll have about 30 pancakes you won’t know what to do with.


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