Second Restaurant Review: A Revisit to Wagamama

IMG_2001Our friend, Uncle K, came to visit from the States, and we decided to try Wagamama again on the night of the run off election in Cyprus. We had dinner at 5 or 6 pm, so we knew that we wouldn’t have to wait long for seating.

When we walked in, we saw a familiar face from another afternoon event we attended that day. (It just tells you how small Cyprus is.)

IMG_2000We saw a billboard ad that said Wagamama now offered sushi in Cyprus.  Prof ordered a cornucopia of California rolls. Piano Man devoured at least six pieces! So we ordered more, and the kids tried their version of miso soup. However, this version of miso soup contained black bean sauce, one piece of tofu, three slivers of mee-yuk (seaweed). Piano Man wanted actual miso soup using miso, but Linus tried it and devoured it. Personally, we had to side with Piano Man. It was a little too weird for our taste.)


I find it hilarious how Wagamama and Chopsticks, another Asian semi-fast food restaurant, offer basmati rice as an alternative to white sticky rice.  You gotta give it up for these restaurants that know how to market to their customers.

If you haven’t been to Wagamama in Cyprus, give it a try. It’s Piano Man’s favorite place to eat Cali rolls.

2 thoughts on “Second Restaurant Review: A Revisit to Wagamama

  1. Just been exploring your blog and came across Wagamamas!!!!! I live in Britain and I LOVE Wagamama’s its one of my favourite restaurants, I haven’t seen sushi on the menu though so I will be looking out for it, i love sushi too 😀 Great blog

    • Thanks for reading the blog. =) I don’t know if they have sushi/cali rolls at the Wagamama’s in the UK. If they do, let me know! We may have to make a visit to Wagamas’s in the UK too. 😉

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