My First Haircut in Cyprus at H by Harry Salon Review

IMG_2099Prof had gotten his first haircut at another local salon back in October as a walk-in. I had a bad feeling about this. After all, any salon that offers to give a hair dye for 19 is probably not the best place to get a haircut. And after seeing what the guy did to Prof’s hair, I decided I could wait until we get back to the States for a haircut.

But that would mean a whole ten months with no haircut! (Well, it would be 11 months if you count from the time I had my last haircut on August 3, 2012.)

However, I couldn’t really wait until the summer. It would be scorching hot by then. Besides, my hair was at the point where I needed it cut because pulling it back into a bun or ponytail was giving me headaches.

So I made an appointment at H by Harry.  Prof had his haircut by Harry the week before, and another parent at Piano Man’s school said he was very good, so I gave it a try.

There was a grandfatherly gentleman talking ever so loudly to all the customers in the shop, and Harry would roll his eyes and respond ever so loudly back to him.  (Side note: I think that many of the Cypriots here are close talkers, loud talkers, and use lots of hand and body language when they speak.) I come to find out that the gentleman is Harry’s father, and his mother was another lady also cutting hair in the shop. I kind of chuckled about Harry’s relationship with his dad. You know there has to be a lot of love to be so open about your family with a complete stranger.  I also found out that Harry went to school in London and lived there for about 5 years before returning home to Cyprus.

The place was hopping on a Saturday morning, so I figured that it must be a good salon. I have walked by other salons, and it looked pretty barren on weekends, which is probably not a good sign of their caliber or for their business.

Harry cut about five inches of my hair! It instantly felt about 5 kilos lighter, and my nasty split ends were gone. Thanks, H by Harry. No more headaches for this mama!


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