The Never Ending Saga to Eradicate Mούχλα (Mold)

IMG_1911If you remember my post on How to Reduce Mold in Your House in Cyprus, you know that it has been an ever-prevailing problem in our household. My friends and I commiserate over the pain we go through to eradicate it from our house or apartment.

Prof noticed one night that there was some mold in the kids’ room. It never occurred to me that there would be mold in that room because of the incredible amount of natural light that enters it everyday.

One bright and clear weekend morning, we tackled that bad boy. Oh, and it was a very bad boy. The mold had spread all the way up from behind the large armoire.


IMG_1917I got my yellow gloves, paper towels, mold spray, and mask, and I was ready to kill every single mold spore in that room. Prof moved the heavy armoire, and I worked away until the walls became white again. Whew. Done.

I still spray in the usual places I know where mold creeps back up, but at least it’s more of a maintenance issue than full hazmat clean up.

Mold, I have one thing to say to you: I got my eye on you.

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