Store Review: A Going Away Party, Play Date, & Birthday Party at Play4Kidz

IMG_1698Within a matter of several weeks, we managed to go to Play4Kidz three times. That’s a lot in my opinion, but since there aren’t free indoor spaces in Cyprus, this isn’t out of the ordinary.

The first time we came to Play4Kidz, one of Piano Man’s classmates was moving back to his home country, and the family decided to have a final farewell party at Play4Kidz.

Play4Kidz is a giant indoor playground with a full service dining area. The kids truly enjoyed spending hours there. Adults could have fun here too, if that sort of thing was allowed. 😉 It’s a definitely a different feel than at Jump Inn in Germany.


Climbing Wall                                                     Slide & Five-story Maze


Toddler/Baby area                                           Bowling Area


Ipad area (Yes, there is an iPad area.)


Football (Soccer) area                                     Gyro sphere


DDR Area                                                         Climbing Tree Area

(and Trampoline Area – not pictured)

Parents with children of elementary school age could leave their kids unsupervised because there were plenty of staff to make sure the children are safe.  With little ones like Linus, a parent would stay with the child.

We ended up going to Play4Kidz a second time for a three-kiddy play date.  The kids got along so well that we didn’t have to worry about them too much while having our adult conversations over coffee. Yum!  A good thing to note: if you go when it opens at 10 am on a Saturday, then you can pick the best seat in the place to watch your kid(s) and have your coffee. I have even seen parents bring laptops and do work or surf the Internet while letting their kids play.

The birthday party for Piano Man’s classmate and friend was another smashing hit. I am convinced that Play4Kidz knows how to throw a good party.

As busy as it gets at Play4Kidz, it is a very safe and fun place for children to run and be free. Piano Man was a sweaty mess from all the jumping, running, and playtime he had with his friends.

If you ever get a chance to go, Play4Kidz is another hotspot to take your children. The staff is friendly and courteous, and the place is well-kept and clean. Oh, and they give each child a pair of blue socks before going in to play.  Dare I say, it is better than Funtastic!

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