The Parent-Strain Virus in Cyprus & Fuzzy Math at the Pharmacy

The Parent-Strain Virus

Oh this week has been a tough one for Prof and me. We suffered some acute strain of cold/flu virus that took us out of commission for days. It started with a few muscle aches and some back pain. Then it worsened to the point where I would curl up in a little ball and try to sleep through the fever and chills. 12 hours later, Prof acquired the same flu/cold virus.

The kids were 100% healthy. I couldn’t understand how that happened. It was like this viral strain preferred to attack an adult-only immune system. That was lucky for the kids, but not for us.

We could barely function during the day – just enough to take Piano Man to school and back, eat delivery only food, and lots of videos for the kids.

The fever and chills subsided, but then the next stage of the virus turned out to be just as bad – swollen glands the size of miniature golf balls. We could barely swallow, let alone sleep at night. Who knew we swallow so much at during our sleep? Sheesh.

The glands are still red and inflamed, but at least, we can swallow some food down.

Fuzzy Math at the Pharmacy

I did manage to pick up some more aspirin and cold/flu medicine at a local pharmacy. I try not to go in a pharmacy too often in Cyprus. It just seemed like a little sketchy to me.  The inside is such a small tight space. One could feel claustrophobic sitting inside during an entire workday.

Plus, I find it unnerving to figure out which is the right cold/flu medicine to take. I have a hard enough time finding the right cold/flu medicine in the States.

IMG_1903But I picked up a small package of Nurofen, which must be their version of Dayquil, and a small package of aspirin, I ended up paying an even €9. I saw him tweak the price on the computer. When I came home, I noticed the price of the cold/flu medicine was different than on the package. (Maybe the price of aspirin increased from the time the price was tagged on the package.)


I remember when something like this bothered me back in September about the way some people count money here, but I don’t mind it much anymore. It’s Cyprus. You gotta help this economy out, even if it’s only in cents and euros.

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