Celebrating Valentines’ Day in Cyprus

IMG_1841Do you know what some people call Valentine’s Day in the States? They call it a Hallmark holiday because of the commercialization of the holiday with the cards, flowers, candies, etc.

I remember all those store bought cards that kids would attach a piece of candy to the card. I wasn’t sure if they do that here in Cyprus, and since I haven’t really heard anything about it at Piano Man’s school, I’ll take that as a no.  Also, the librarian is usually good about placing tables of library books for kids to pick out with a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas theme. There wasn’t too much emphasis on Valentines Day, but she did help find a stack of Valentine’s Day books, which Piano Man has enjoyed reading.

However, there are some red, pink, and white decorations hanging outside of local flower markets and balloon shops. I have even seen a few red hearted candies chocolates in the check out aisles at my local grocery store.

The holiday just isn’t that big here in Cyprus, if you compare it to the craziness back in the States. But for some of my friends here, they say it’s everywhere, so I think it is a matter of perspective.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is a wonderful one!

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