Celebrating Korean New Year in Cyprus

IMG_1824Sunday, Feb 10th was Chinese New Year, Vietnamese New Year, and also 설날, Korean New Year. (Basically, many Asian countries celebrate the New Year based on the lunar calendar.)

I met a fellow Korean at a mommy playgroup several months ago, and we exchanged phone numbers.  I hadn’t seen her in months since she had gone back home to visit family, but it was a pleasant surprised to receive a phone call from her.  She invited four other Korean families and us to celebrate the New Year and to hang out over some Korean food! Yum!

Although we didn’t have our traditional hanbok, Korean cultural garment, the Korean mom had her daughter and husband wear them. We mostly ate and talked, and the mom wanted to do a traditional bowing ceremony that one normally does to an elder person to wish them many blessings in the New Year.  In return, the younger (and typically) single person ends up receiving money from the elder one.

The kids weren’t too keen on the idea of bowing after eating and playing, but it was fun to watch the Korean ladies enjoy this part of the holiday.

I think we met all of the Koreans in our neighborhood that night. It was quite a cool experience to meet the Korean ladies.

So belatedly I say, Happy New Year, Everyone!


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