The Political Divide: Having a Giant Flag in Your Face & the Upcoming Cyprus Presidential Election

IMG_0087Have you ever seen the Eiffel Tower light up at night? The Parisians know how to make a monument beautiful and shine brightly around the city. Well, the Turkish-Cypriots may have had the same intentions as the Parisians to light up their own design of their flag into the mountain range that faces the Greek-Cypriot side.  Although for a Greek-Cypriot, it may seem more like a “squid in your face” moment.

Well, the Greek-Cypriots may be a bit less in your face about the divide. I walked by one of the government buildings, and it had a lovely silhouette of the island in the design of the landscape. The only thing strange was the obvious separation of the island with a buffer zone added into the design. Okay. Maybe it’s not so subtle.

Upcoming Republic of Cyprus Presidential Election

And let’s not forget that the island of Cyprus is having a presidential election on February 17th.  With a whole host of candidates running, the Cypriots will wait and see what the new president will do in running the country. Although there is one candidate who looks like the front runner. But whoever wins, the soon-to-be newly elected president will hopefully make strides towards unity.

Upon reading another article on Wikipedia, I did learn that voting in Cyprus is compulsory (meaning one must vote or he/she faces a fine or some other consequence). Wow, imagine if that was the case in the States.

On a side note, I wonder if Turkish-Cypriots get to vote in the Republic of Cyprus’ national elections? Not to cite Wikipedia over and over again, but apparently, Turkish-Cypriots living on the southern side can vote.

Here is one last thing to know about the election process in Cyprus: The northern side of the island has its own set of elections for president and parliament, which exercises in de facto leadership.  However, Turkish-Cypriots can run for a political position in the Republic but only up to the level of Vice President (as stated in its constitution), and no one’s done that since 1974.

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