Personal Reflection: Halfway Through Our Time in Cyprus

Today officially marks our 5th month in Cyprus. When we arrived on the island, we were on survival mode – finding an apartment, grocery store, school, work, church, playgrounds, gas station, and the list goes on and on. We got our weekly family routine down by our third month.

In addition to meeting many Cypriots, we met wonderful people along the way from South Africa, Australia, Germany, India, Indonesia, Portugal, Canada, Greece, Lebanon, UK, and other Americans.

IMG_1689We have many friends and family back home who have been our rock caring for us while we are away.  They mailed Christmas cards and care packages of things we missed from home.

The four of us have learned so much about one another. I feel like I understand Piano Man in a whole new light.  He’s grown up so much.  I am so proud of Prof and his amazing progress on his book. Linus is saying all sorts of one and two syllable words. And me? I have discovered that I enjoy blogging.  Who knew it could be so much fun?

With regard to The Seoul of Cyprus, I have decided to reduce my postings. Writing a post five days a week took a lot of work. While I enjoyed it, I thought I would plan my next steps of starting a new blog after we return home.

So we’ll see what that new blog will be like in the coming months.  In the meantime, I am grateful for your continued support and reading of our adventures of living abroad.



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