Electricity in Cyprus is Expensive

IMG_1472When we moved to Cyprus, we heard that electricity is very expensive. People said, it would probably in the 500-600 euro range during the hot summer months. We were lucky that it was nowhere near that amount on our first bill.

However, when we received our second bill (which comes in two month cycles), we were in for some sticker shock. It was not a pretty sight, but something we knew in the back of our minds the bill would probably be high.  We had three space heaters going pretty much day and night in what was considered one of the “coldest” winter in Cyprus.

One of Prof’s colleagues mentioned that brick heaters in apartment buildings offer communal heating times during the day.  So After a few hours of heating the bricks, the apartment should stay warm throughout the day and night.

We tried it, but perhaps I didn’t have the correct settings. It didn’t feel all that warm, and we ended up going back to using space heaters. And with poor insulation and cement walls to keep the cold out, it was inevitable that all the heat we generated through our heaters would escape into the cold air.

So how does one try to save on electricity in Cyprus? Honestly, I don’t know. I guess use less electricity and put on more layers.

And now that the weather is warming up, I am able to use the space heater less and air dry our clothes more.  Whew. Thank goodness that the cold season is over for us. For Cypriots, however, it’s still pretty cold for them. It’s like watching people in Texas wear down parkas in 30-40 degree weather.


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