How to Save Money on Your Water Bill in Cyprus

IMG_0085Did you know that Cyprus is the leading country in solar water heating usage per capita? That’s according to this report:

Who knew that those ugly white tanks on top of each residential and commercial building would make Cyprus so famous?

Don’t get me wrong. I think that is such a creative, environmentally-friendly, and cost-saving way to get free hot water. But honestly, from an aesthetic standpoint, it is quite hideous to see.  You drive around the beautiful countryside and see those white tanks on every building.  It soon becomes an eye soar.

However, I am no architect, so it doesn’t really matter to me if my apartment building has them or not. What I do care about is getting hot water even when it’s not warm outside.

IMG_1653And in the late evening when sun has gone down, or the early morning when the sun hasn’t yet warmed up the water heaters, you have to turn on the timer to heat up the water heater.

Thank goodness for this. If it were not for this little device that heats up the water, we would all be very unhappy people.


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