The Vacation Aftermath

On our way back to Cyprus, we were scheduled on a direct flight to Larnaca.

The flight back was delayed about an hour and a half. We got home close to 9 pm or later.  After Prof set up the pack-n-play, the kids passed out when they saw their familiar room.

The next day was spent recovering from 10 days of fun in four countries, washing four loads of laundry, and playing with toys missed.

Linus slept for three hours during the afternoon nap. We knew that it was a bit excessive, but what harm would it do?  The kids would still go to bed at the same time, right?

Well, Piano Man was snoring his way to dreamland, while Linus screamed and yelled for over an hour. We went into the room about three times trying to comfort him back to sleep. I finally gave him one last hug and told him goodnight.

Prof and I thought he would talk himself to sleep, so we began watching an episode of “Big Bang Theory.”  In the middle of the episode, the screaming became so loud. We then heard the bedroom door creak open. We assumed Piano Man was going to walk out to tell us he can’t sleep in all that racket.

Linus pitter pattered his way through the hallway into the living room with the blue blanket covering his face, leaving only his little eyes squinting in the bright light.

We laughed so hard for what felt like several minutes as Linus held his dear blanket in my arms. How could a little 19-month old pull himself up out of the pack-n-play? Sure will and determination and lots of sweat were quite evident.

We gave one more goodnight kiss, and I held him for quite sometime in the room before laying him down for bed. We thought he might try to pull himself out again, but he stayed in the pack-n-play – finally sleeping like a baby.

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