Heidelberg, Germany: Shopping District

Subtitle: “The Chinese Finger Trap Jeans and Enviable Boots Story”

(Note: This is also a very very long post about my adventure in shopping and finding my fashion style.)

On our last full day in Germany, we promised to take the kids to Toys R Us and to take it easy. We went to Toys R Us and found that toys were much cheaper in Germany than in Cyprus. The same toy we bought Linus for Christmas was 10 Euros cheaper!

Once we bribed pleased our children at the toy store, we went to lunch in Hiedelberg. We had some pretty good German food, but it was heavy. Aunty E and I were planning on making a shopping run, while the men hung out with the kids. So I knew that trying on clothes wasn’t going to be easy.

Aunty E and I walked into several clothing boutiques. I recognized some of the store names, while others were completely foreign to me. At the first store, it had reasonable prices and the after Christmas sale was enough to peak my interest.

I picked up a couple of pairs of skinny jeans. After all, the plan was to buy a pair of leather knee high boots like the ones I had seen all over Cyprus (and in Germany).

I had in mind a pair of caramel colored leather flat boots in a riding boot style.  I thought that would go well with a cropped notch-collared black leather jacket. I only thought of this after scouring the Internet for fashion ideas before our trip.

Well, back to the skinny jeans story.  I went into the dressing room with two pairs of skinny jeans. I knew the sizing would be different in Europe, but I had no idea how different. I tried on one size larger than I normally wear back in the States.  But as I tried to pull the jeans up one leg, I could only get it up about two-thirds of my leg before giving up. That was it. No more.

finger-trap1Then it took several sweat-filled minutes to peel off the skinny jeans from my skin. Aunty E asked if everything was okay, and I said it was probably one of the most stressful moments in the dressing room.  If you think about the Chinese finger trap toy, my experience was much like that.  The harder I pulled the tighter the jeans gripped to my leg. Once I relaxed a bit, the jeans released its death grip.

Even though my alias is Fashionista, this is only my second post regarding fashion. So you get the idea that fashion is a topic I am most unfamiliar with.  (Hence, the alias is really supposed to be a funny way to say that I am not a fashionista.)

But I digress.  Back to the shopping story.

We left the clothing store and gave a shoe store a try. We saw rows and rows of boots on sale. I tried a couple of pairs on, but the styles weren’t speaking to me. Aunty E could tell better than me that I was not feeling the boots.

After all, I had a very specific boot in mind. Here were my requirements:

–       flat boots (no heel since I planned on carrying Linus on my back in the baby carrier.)

–       caramel or black leather

–       side zip, no laces

–       style in the shape of a riding boot

Nothing really panned out, so we walked into Espirit, Geox, Ecco, and some other stores.  Ecco had a pair of riding boots that looked like it had potential. It fit all the requirements:

–       flat boot, with rubber soles on the bottom (had a nice cushiony feel to it)

–       black leather

–       side zip

–       riding boot style with the buckle at the knee

The price was decent, but there was scuff and the boot on the display model, and it was the only one left in my size. The salesperson said she would give 20% off, and so I said I would think about it.

She looked quite disgusted at me, as if she was doing me a favor giving me that discount.  But we were still in the early shopping stages. I wasn’t going to just throw some euros on the table until I knew that this was the one.

In the end, we all went back to Ecco. I tried on the boots for Prof. It looked like a winner. Aunty E was great. She was my tough negotiator in the pricing game.  While the German saleswoman wasn’t all that nice or happy to serve us, we were all pleased to take the boots home at a 20% discount – never to see the saleswoman again.

Once we got back to Cyprus, I wore the boots to church on Sunday, and then again on my way to pick up Piano Man from school that Monday.  One of the moms waiting to pick up her kids gave me the once over. I’d like to think she thought my look was pretty spiffy, but maybe she thought, “Girl, that outfit doesn’t look right on you.”

But who cares?  I enjoy wearing the boots, and that’s what counts!

A special thanks to Aunty E for making my shopping trip a success. I know she sacrificed her time and her ability to shop. She is the one person you want to go shopping with you when you are looking for a bargain, to deal a bargain, and to find the look you want.


3 thoughts on “Heidelberg, Germany: Shopping District

  1. girl, where’s the picture of the boots? and the chinese finger trap. lol. that is how i felt trying on clothes in spain. 🙂 so glad to hear you guys had a great time together.

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